Managing & Organizing Sustainability-Initiatives by For-Profit Firms

I am studying a couple of interesting cases which highlight how for-profit firms engage in sustainability-focussed initiatives. Bernard & Brice are helping me shape the research for my doctoral dissertation. It's too early stage to say much, but hopefully some good stuff will come out of it. Emlyon has been cool about funding it, and STORM has been really supportive.

Innovating Responsibly in Organizations

Responsible innovation has come of age as one of the most talked about topics within academic, policy, & industrial spaces. While a lot has been theorised and claimed about what responsible innovation should be like, little focus has been on understanding how to go about organize such. With Ruthanne's guidance, I use a practice theory approach to conceptualise responsible innovation from an organizational perspective. To be honest, I burnt out in the course of this project, and lost interest in it over time, but do let me know if you want to collaborate and take things forward.

Organizing for Digital Transformation (for "Sustainable Development")

Digital transformation of organizations has gained significant momentum in the 21st century, and accordingly, organizational work has undergone significant changes. In my first tryst with critical organizational research, I did a 6-month long ethnographic study to analyse organizational practices surrounding digital technology use by employees of a BFSI organisation in India. Bidisha played a central role in guiding my research, and the project was generously funded by the MINRO Institute at IIIT Bangalore. A couple of cool proceedings came out of it.

Digital Identities and Sustainable Development

Silvia & I first engaged with the concept of 'data justice' in 2017, and over the course of the years have worked on several projects where we use the concept, for example, in studying the nuances digital identity use for social welfare provisioning, assessing the potential pitfalls & limitations of digital tracking apps for Covid-19 monitoring & surveillance. Loughborough University, and later, the University of Oslo, helped finance our projects, and network initiatives, for example, DatActive, helped push our research beyond the academic articles. Of late, there is one project I'm working on with Nishant.