I am a researcher in Strategy & Organisations at Emlyon Business School, France.

My research is in the broad area of sustainability management & innovation. In particular, I focus on understanding how firms innovate for, and manage environmental sustainability initiatives. I am a part of the Strategy & Organisation Management (STORM) Research Centre at Emlyon, and was formerly affiliated to the Centre for Work, Technology, & Organizations (WTO).

Prior to Emlyon, I did my graduate studies in Information Systems at IIIT Bangalore, where I was a part of the Centre for IT & Public Policy. My research focussed on understanding how technologies are used to achieve social and economic sustainability. My research from this phase is published in outlets including Information, Communication, & Society, Technology in Society, and in the proceedings of the ICTD & IFIP-JWC.

At Emlyon, I teach Consumer Behaviour and Sustainable Innovation at undergraduate levels.

I consult regularly for FAANG & product innovation firms (especially new ventures) in the Western EU & APAC markets.

Pronunciation: Shou-moh
(In French, the pronounciation of 'Chaumont' is quite close.)

I play tennis to keep sane from all things professional. Of late, I have taken a liking to rowing and often spend my weekends in the lakes in and around the RhĂ´ne-Alpes region. I have come to prefer a quieter life these days, and cooking for those close, or exploring the quaint century-old lanes and bistros of Lyon and Beaujolais have come to take precedence over more boisterous activities.

You can get in touch with me at das (at) em-lyon.com.


Responsible Innovation & Organizations

Responsible innovation has come of age as one of the most talked about topics within academic, policy, & industrial spaces. While a lot has been theorised and claimed about what responsible innovation should be like, little focus has been on understanding how to go about doing, managing, and leading innovation in organizations which can be considered to be 'responsible' (to society and the environment). In this project, I approach responsible innovation from a practice lens, to explore how responsible innovation has been conceptualised explore from organizational perspectives.

Technological Change & Organizations

Digital business transformation has gained significant momentum in the 21st century, and organisational practices are undergoing changes to accure the supposed benefits of going digital. What does it mean for employees who are now expected to use digital technologies to provide service to customers? I undertook a 6-month long ethnographic case study to uncover practices & patterns of technology use by employees, an archival research to understand influences of policy on digital transformation, and interviews with former employees to gain insights to historic practices of service provisioning.

Data, Governance, & Organizations

The idea of data justice, as Linnet proposed back in 2017, is "fairness in the way people are made visible, represented and treated as a result of their production of digital data". Silvia & I got engaged with this idea quite early and over the course of the years, we have worked on a few projects where we explore the concept from a number of empirical perspectives. Back in 2018-19, we explored the nuances of the use of digital identity systems in social welfare provisioning in India, and more recently, used the framework to assess the potential pitfalls & limitations of digital tracking apps for Covid-19 monitoring & surveillance.

das (@) em-lyon.com