Literately speaking, "পাগলা দাশু" (Pagla Dashu; trans: stupid fool) is the name of a fictional character created by Shukumar Ray, a Bengali author, poet, and illustrator, of eccentric stories, poems, and cartoons. If interested, you can read this post to get a sense of his genius.

For those cultured enough to get the delicate humour, this s a space where I spew my own musings. Most of which I end up deleting anyways, after being told, are in bad taste, by someone or the other.

24th January 2023

I have often wondered with Indian politicians change the names of places - landmarks, streets, neighbourhoods, cities, and even whole states (in Calcutta, even the poor bylanes stand no chance...) - to ones which undeniably reflect their political ideologies. Was reading something, and this one paragraph came to diffuse my predicament (unsatiated, but unperturbed)...

"...One day a disciple asked Confucius, 'If a king were to entrust you with a territory which you could govern according to your ideas, what would you do first?'. Confucius replied, 'My first task would would certainly be to rectify the names.' The puzzled disciple asked, 'Rectify the names? And that would be your first priority? Is this a joke?'

Confucius was required to explain what he meant: 'If the names are not correct, if they do not match realities, language has no object. If the language is without an object, action becomes impossible - and therefore, all human affairs disintegrate and their management becomes impossible. Hence, the very first task of a true statesman is to rectify the names.'..."

The crowned these days are doing it textbook; just that the textbook was meant for dynastic kingdoms and not democratic states. But then, in India...