Pronunciation: Shou-moh
(In French, the pronounciation of 'Chaumont' is quite close.)

I am a researcher in Strategy & Organization at Emlyon Business School, France.

My research is in the broad area of sustainability management & innovation. In particular, I focus on understanding how firms innovate for, and manage environmental sustainability initiatives. I am a part of the Strategy, Organisation, & Management (STORM) Research Centre, and I work with Bernard Forgues and Brice Dattee.

Prior to Emlyon, I read Information Systems at IIIT Bangalore. As a part of the Centre for IT & Public Policy, my research focussed on understanding how digital technologies are used to achieve sustainable development goals. My research from this phase is published in outlets including Information, Communication, & Society, Technology in Society, and in the proceedings of the ICTD & IFIP-JWC.

At Emlyon, I teach Enterprise Management for Sustainability and Consumer Behaviour at graduate and undergraduate levels.

The choice of my field of research was largely influenced by the work of my parents, one, an engineer at an endowed technical university, and the other, an administrator at a public school for the disadvantaged. While the former's narratives shaped my curiosity in technological innovation, the latter's experiences guided my interest in understanding how such innovations could be used to solve pressing social challenges.

I play tennis to keep sane from all things professional, and can often be found apologising to fellow commuters for accidentally knocking into them with my bicycle.

You can get in touch with me at das (at)